out of context this new game made its first debut with no luck

out of context

this new game made its first debut with no luck

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Kuroame Kaito

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  1. Something tells me that these people are the very ones that gave Genshin 1* in that stupid wave 😂

    But anyways, it’s really an okay game, I mean I’d personally love to have multiple games like Genshin to play so honestly I don’t see why people are already trying to ruin it. It hasn’t even been out for a DAY.

  2. It is kinda mid, but not that bad. I would give it a 3 star if it was on ps4, but since it’s only on pc and mobile it gets a 2.5 star because I had to turn all the graphics to low to get it to stop crashing. It crashed 17 times before I even got my outfit in the tutorial

  3. The only thing I see that is better than genshin is that the MC va actually has voice lines for alot of the story plot. No silent protag. 😂😂

  4. I tried it, its so far from genshin??? Like yes the graphics is similar because its an anime style one? But the combat is so different, i’m having a learning curve to get it

  5. I was playing and so far after playing genshin since release date I’m pretty impressed. I do see a lot of inspiration from genshin but I think since they were the first to do great everyone went that route it’s the circle of popularity but its also so far not the same. You do start out a element. But being able to choose and create a person give the game a lot more of a comfortable feel along with having the addiction preset if you want to restart you do get a second chance to restart you character design 1 time free incase you don’t like it genshin needs to get more creative they have the funds we all know they do.

  6. I tried the character create, why no option to make booties bigger? Like when I play a game, only look at their character create options, you would know which country this game from 🤣. Boobies fetish like popular in the East, so a character with boobies bigger than her head but her booties are flatter than airport runway, Im out 🤣

  7. Don’t care, if i can play genshin without lagging, crashing and filling up the entirety of my storage, might as well plus, i’ve been waiting for this game anyways

    And i can be vergil in the game without spending money

  8. The character creation was nifty. I’m still going to check it out and see if it’s worth playing till sumeru. If it’s fun then cool, I’ll have two fun anime games to play XD

  9. Well idk l, but some dumb players keep creating preset design similar to genshin, well part of the preset given by the developers looks like a chars from genshin and honkai

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