about Ei and Scaramouche lore

about Ei and Scaramouche lore

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  1. Nah his simps will always find a way to blame Ei of how he became a menace. They needed it to justify his cruel actions. It’s like blaming a mother when the son killed someone even if he did it on his own will, for them it’s still the mother’s fault. Twisted minds.

  2. _Ei created him (as a byproduct) to contain gnosis
    _when the gnosis is inside, he cried
    _Ei decided this is a failed puppet
    _Yae suggested destroying him is a the best way (no consequences), Ei refused.
    _Ei created Shogun (no Gnosis container) and gave Yae the Gnosis cuz she didn’t need it anymore
    _Ei sealed Scara in Tatarasuna, at a domain, and gave only that golden feather.

    the rest is history

    IMO, Raiden didn’t care about Scara anymore. neither watching him far away and trying to control him again, like 2 strangers.

  3. It’s showed from one perspective and this perspective is in favor to Ei, I really want people to see it from scara side, and stand in his position, if someone left me with half assed apology after creating me and left me not knowing where and why I would be sad as well, he decided to not give up and befriended human who just like that betrayed him and left just like his creator, then he saw kid who looked like him, he felt pitiful because the kid was alone without parents and friends, and it all started from Ei because she thought it’s the right way to do thing, she could have thought about how she was feeling when her sister died, she got depressed, so isn’t it’s kind of same? Maybe she didn’t died but for scara she was like dead

  4. Nice story, but honestly, you beautified Ei too much.

    Facts: she created him to contain the gnosis. When she saw him cry in his sleep, she thinks that he’s too weak to be the container. Yae suggested destroying him but Ei didn’t want to do it.

    So she sealed his powers (and him too), gave him a momento (which later became an identifying symbol which caused those blacksmith to go after his life) and probably wanted him to lead a normal life.

    When he woke up, he was powerless (cos powers sealed) and couldn’t save the people he came across. The momento caused the blacksmith to go after his life and his friend (Kazuha’s ancestor) died saving him.

    And yeah, he later turned totally screwed up by (his own) choice. I do not think too highly of both Ei and Scara for their decisions in life. But let’s not beautify or justify either of their doings just because you like them. Both of them are pretty screwed up in the decisions they made in life. I’ve pulled Ei and will be pulling Scara nonetheless, but lore wise both of them are pretty screwed.

  5. ei has 2 goals when she created scaramouche

    1st is to test if it is possible to create a puppet body

    2nd is to test if its possible for such body to become a vessel for the electro gnosis

    but after she created scaramouche she observed that scaramouche shed tears in his dream and his nature was too delicate and fragile, Ei can’t bring herself to store the gnosis inside scaramouche because it might lead him to further suffering, but she can’t also bring herself to destroy it because she thinks its too cruel so she decided to let scaramouche free and make his own fate and she also left the Gold Ornament to him that symbolize that he belongs to the Shogunate

  6. Look at all these 🤓 defending Scaramooch and his cruel actions and blaming Ei. So I guess I should sympathize with all those school sh00ters who killed so many kids cause they had a shtty life at home. I don’t see a difference between them and Scara. But oh yeah, let’s defend Scara cause “We woke and like edgy emo boi.” 🥴

  7. With Scara being playable in 3.3 as Wanderer, he’s probably going to have some redemption arc in his story. Just hoping there will be some closure between him and Ei, considering he tried to become a god like her. Either in the form of a dream through Nahida or just a letter.
    I mean, at this point, Ei should have learnt some emphaty already. Still, considering the Vision Hunt Decree, she got off pretty easily that her people acted as if it’s a phase. Shows how the Inazuma arc was rushed halfway through, IMO.

  8. Remember, we’re talking about the past Ei, the same Electro Archon who locked up her entire nation, seized all Visions, and exerted absolute dominion over her people.

    Nah. I don’t think she gives a damn about a failed puppet.

  9. – after catalysm, Ei made Scaramouche as prototype and a vessel for gnosis
    – Scaramouche cried in his sleep, so Ei think he can’t handle it. (Ei never put gnosis in Scaramouche)
    – Yae want destroyed him, but Ei refused.
    – EI Modified Scaramouche to seal his power, Give a feather ornament, and make him slumber for long in Shakes Pavilion without telling a single word to him.
    – EI think it make him happy to give him freedom
    – Scaramouche wake up (time???), Meet Katsuragi and others blacksmith in Tatarasuna
    – Katsuragi know about an ornament it’s from shogunate, and ask Scaramouche to hide it.
    – They’re become friends
    – The blacksmith use a hazardous materials for forging
    – One day, Mikoshi Nagamasa know that Scaramouche is from shogunate, and he afraid Scaramouche will report it.
    – Scaramouche locked up by Mikoshi Nagamasa
    – Katsuragi help Scaramouche, and ask him and told him to reports and ask for reinforcement
    – Scaramouche ask help to Yae
    – But Yae like say yes but sje lie
    – After Scaramouche back to Tatarasuna, his friend arledy died by Mikoshi Nagamasa use the claymore.

  10. I feel that his story resembles that of Frankenstein’s monster. Both were created for a selfish purpose, not taking their wellbeing into consideration, both yearned for warmth and affection ignorant of the world but trying to connect with others and trying to find a purpose in their existence. Of course it doesn’t go well, Scara was too naive, doubted his own self worth wich turned his anguish into rage and due to that was easily manipulated.

  11. I dunno…for me no matter how kind of a gesture Ei had intended for Scara…She made him feel abandoned..until we truly know the full context, We can say Ei is also at fault for not taking responsibility…And this had lead to Scara’s resentment, strayed into a wayward path and turned him into an a-hole he is now…😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Scara was a mistake, like his simps. Ei was wrong as F? No doubt. It justify all the shit he decided to do? Not a bit. If he has problems with Ei, deal it with her, but shit out over people who has nothing to do with him being a failed puppet and can’t handle the Gnosis, this is out of line. He should have been the “second Signora”, dead as every harbinger should be.

  13. I just read some lore as well and apparently when his friend was dying in tatarasuna island wanderer asked yae miko for help and even showed yae his gold ornament as proof of the shogun’s connection with him but yae refused (ig she really didn’t like him)

    After some time he met another friend who was good to him but betrayed him because that said friend didn’t like the shogunate sooo yeah he kinda went off the trails ever since then

  14. Waait u forgot to mention that when ei handed him the gnosis to protect, this prototype puppet shed a tear, which made ei to conclude that he wasn’t fit for the job, so instead of destroying it, ei found it to be cruel so she decided to put him in deep slumber at shakkei pavilion

  15. hmmm the result of misunderstanding… Ei didn’t want to control him so she let him wander about and find things out on his own leaving him (from what I read in some review in youtube) a feather ornament that symbolize that the wearer is under the Shogun’s Protection and must be given aid should the person require it… (but scara didn’t know or did he?)
    and Scara always thought even now that he was not needed so he got thrown away because he is too emotional for a puppet… he tried to connect among the human, actually made some friend but then his “creation issue” got into question again his friend got killed by his superior because he is befriending a “puppet”…
    in scara’s eye they were human who was nice to him before then suddenly hated him when his real identity was revealed.
    (maybe scara thought his friend got killed because he is not a perfect, just like how his mother throw him away because his a defective product and hence the reason that made him desire to be a perfect being?? just a thought)

    If only they talk properly T_T

  16. If im not wrong it was both yae and ei fault he end up that way
    – just because he was from shogun side the blacksmith locked him cuz he was afraid of him reporting about using unlegal materials but when he went to report yae said yes but she lied so when he went back to find the only friend he had got killed by that blacksmith
    So it was ei fault for being such a bad leader of her nation + yae fault for lying so he lost trust on humanity gods and adeptis

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